Monday, March 23, 2009

Jean Blankets ... what's the next step?

You will need to choose a design that suits your needs, your likes and what you have time for.
Here I have big squares on the back side, with little squares to make a border.
The top is made of strips sewn together, then cut to the smaller square size and sewn together to fit with the later square size. Again a boarder of smaller squares around the edge.

Your entire quilt need not be jean. If you want you can use cotton or flannel scraps to make either the top or bottom of the quilt but I'd stick to jean one side or the other and not mix them up. Keep your other fabric on the opposite side of the jean. I'll get to more examples of that in a later post.
Lay out your design on a floor where it won't be disturbed. I'd leave it there at least a day, resorting and changing as the mood strikes you. This gives you time to dream and fidget with the squares till you get what you like.
Off you go... find your unique design, then I'll tell you about ragging the edges.

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